IBL Response Journal #2

IBL Model

So far in the unit of inquiry based learning, I have gone through the stages of planning and retrieving. I have found what my topic of inquiry will be and the sources of information I will be gathering from. The whole point of IBL is to ask questions about life that don’t necessarily have one answer, and for us as the learners to develop our own answers to these questions. The question I am seeking answers to as of right now is; How has portrait photography influenced society, and who has been the most influential in this field? For me, photography has always been a big part of my life. Looking at the model, I am currently gathering information about this topic and formulating my argument. Based on my situation in life, I feel a little worried about completing all my work, but hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel very soon. My final project of the scrapbook has yet to take shape at all, though I can already see how I am going to put together my essay. In the end, I hope all turns out well.


One thought on “IBL Response Journal #2

  1. Thanks for being so specific in this post. I appreciate how you reference the IBL Model graphic throughout. I’d like to be sure we communicate often as to how things are going. I’ll be giving a lot of class time after the synthesis piece to get in to your project more. Keep me in the loop!

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