IBL Response Journal #3

The process of IBL for me has been hindered by many things. Recently, I have been plagued by a never ending upper respiratory infection, as well as having to deal with a perpetually bored Russian student. I have decided to make some changes to my plan. Instead of researching a bunch of different photographers, I am going to stick with my favourite, Yousuf Karsh. I have taken many notes, but have yet to put anything together for a synthesis piece. Tonight, I will be completing the synthesis piece, then moving on to complete my notes. The book, The Life of Yousuf Karsh will be a bit of a rush. Only two weeks left, and I’m only half way through the book. My final project will still be a collection of photos and thoughts, but will be scaled back to include few photos and their significance to society. ImageImage


One thought on “IBL Response Journal #3

  1. Them darn Russians.
    You got a good start on your synthesis piece today and then you got this reflection posted as well. That is an awesome effort.
    Have you considered not reading the remainder of your book and instead researching?
    Also, do you think a digital book, where you just drag jpgs in to a template, would be easier? Or is that too far away from your vision?

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